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Destiny's Review - ⭐⭐ ⭐




So, I would first like to say that this book is for those who love young adult romance. I chose this book by it's cover alone, and learned that I really shouldn't have judged it by it's cover. The depiction of the character along with the character description is all right, but I guess I expected more action and less romance - how I like it.

Wrong! It was the complete opposite, but I will say that for a character so small, she can kick a little butt, as shown on the cover. That's just not what this story was centered around.

Now, rewiring my mind to accept the young romance, it was alright for me. I've gotten into adult romance, so everything about teen romance can sometimes seem a bit cheesy. This was exactly so, but perfect for those who love the less steamier versions and growing relationships that are filled with angst and sometimes adorable moments. Adorable, meaning that neither characters know anything about real love and can be sometimes awkward, but protective, or annoyed and caring at the same time. Both the main characters, Larken and Soren are just learning about themselves while learning about each other.

For example, Soren learned that he had a jealousy problem. At least, I hope that was what he learned. Larken had a decision making problem. At least I hope she learned that about herself as well.

Although, I could understand why she had such a hard time. Being the famous military daughter of a family who rejected her, she wasn't always sure who to trust, and I could see it being difficult for her to wrap her head around the fact that multiple men found her attractive. Being rejected by family could make anyone feel unworthy of love, and it certainly wouldn't make sense for anyone else to find them worthy. I wouldn't just jump into the arms of the first guy who noticed me either.

In the story, you'll find that while the character was placed into a military manner with a new team to look after and train her, she is bombarded with new experiences and the need to prove herself.

The story was interesting, but not really for my taste. There were also moments that made me wonder if this was the authors first book ever because it does have moments that are just plain cheesy. Not to mention that there wasn't really much description around the dystopian setting, which is what I'm usually looking for. Next time, I'll read the description, but I do recommend it to readers with an interest in teen romance and futuristic settings. Hopefully the dystopian world building will be revealed more in the second book, but if not, I'm only assuming that it'll revolve around a much more solid romance!



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