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WOZZERS! I had this book in my TBR pile for a awhile before I opened it up on New Years Eve. I had plans but by early evening I became so engrossed in this book I didn't even realize I was minutes away from missing New Years! I couldn't get this story outta my head and by 2am I was on the last page and didn't hesitate to purchase the 2nd book and the 2 free Novellas offered at the end of this novel.

The series absolutely fantastic. It did take a lil while for me to remember the 3 classes of (power) Vex, Soma OR Kali who are labeled as Brights(speed & strength), Dims(shape light into weapons) and Elems(form energy fire,water,lightening. And as any good (not) dystopia style society being different is NOT allowed. They strive of power. BUT only the power categorized by Lytonia are accepted.

I enjoyed the pace of this book, the characters who you instantly love, despise, curious about and of course root for made this story more enjoyable.

I definitely recommend The Descendants Series as 5 stars.


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