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We’re back in the sadistic microcosm of Lytonia How can one live where one’s “kind” isn’t welcome? And who’s to say whether or not we are? We need to stand up to bullies and other toxic people – then see how much the world improves in a very short time. I picked up on some conversations regarding some complex social topics. One was about responsibility & regret when hurting others along with the hurt person forgiving versus moving on. Revenge against the wrong person won’t bring peace was also mentioned. The author has some sage advice for readers that applies IRL: ‘Don’t let the weight of your thoughts be your downfall and remember that it is emotion that drives you… Hiding your feelings works against you. It is the strength in your heart that empowers you.’ There are definitely some positive aspects in this book: Watch out for each other. Life your best life in honor and memory of those who have sacrificed for you. The beauty of diamond ashes. Can’t wait to continue with ‘The Undefeated’.



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